ES Friday 7-25-2014

Looks like an open drive so far...
Gap @1970.00
Not an open drive anymore.
Value building lower.
Will the gap hold?
Thanks, Printer.
With value building below yesterday's range, I'm starting to think short.
(1) gap@1970.00

And further down:
(2) poor low @1959.00
(3) poo low @1957.25
his tells the story
Great charts, Printer.

Gap @1970.00 now closed.
If these single pints hold, we might have ourselves a trend day.
Will 1959.00 + 1957.25 be next?
30 min vol at price
Great info, Printer!

No single prints anymore.
Now what?
we have an untested high vol node at 1976.25
It will be interesting to find out if they go for that 1976.25.

Just a thought, but with S4 sitting @1963.25, the final target for today might be the 7/21 POC-area @1964.50-1963.50
I realize that this means a 6-7 points (0.4%) drop from current level. But European markets today closed 1.2% - 1.5% lower.