ES Tuesday 8-19-14

how I see it...basically On midpoint is my highs and single print selling tail of 7 - 30 for clues early on...
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part two using weekly data
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starting small shorts at 72.75 in O/N.....just in case they want that midpoint test early today...71.25 is target
starting rth shorts ( added to On shorts ) at 73.50...same target
so far I do not like how they are able to hold above single print selling tail from main concern will be if we start seeing 76.50 print without quick rejection down.....this needs to get a move on the drop or we may take some heat above O/N will be unusual to see them fail printing a midpoint two days in a row after 2 days of trying to drive up .
perfect hit on target and then perfect runner stop out....was hoping to get YD highs..gonna try once more between 74 and 76 on short side but keep it small...then call it a day...need O/N high taken out first
on is 72.50...
good odds the cash market will print 1981 or 1961 today so that is in the back of my mind on this fade with cash market near 1977..
revising target to days midpoint
a quick look at the "K", 'I " and "E" highs from 7-29....that is like a mini bell edge that sits above the RTH high of 7-30 and a reason we may be having some trouble going and staying higher..
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they still haven't tested my midpoint from today either and I wonder if they will actually put in two buying tails ( like yesterdays) in a row...vpoc just flipped to something may happen some direction ...ha ! sure wish I knew which way
putting in a hard stop at 76.75...just too slow for me to watch up here
Nice to see you still active today!