ES Wednesday 9-10-2014

During yesterday's late spike, value remained above.
O/N inventory is short.

For now I'm a little long biased.

Numbers above: 1992.75, 1998.75.
Numbers below: 1982.25, 1983.25, 1987.00.
[quote]Originally posted by Aladdin

Thanks, bkay.
1987.00 is O/N VPOC.
At the very least we have a little volatility
Thanks sharks.
I hope they will revisit that 1988.50 LVN from yesterday.
This trade will test your patience Aladdin...
VPOC shift to 8400
Sharks, they are not playing nice today.
Daylow 8/22 just tested.
i guess my 81.25 rat # was front run..cancel order at 81.25
81.50 was weekly RTH low of 8/28, something tell me Bruce would have been a buyer at 81.75
I'm not that fast (or good)
I had 1982.00 as a CHVN on a longer term Volume Composite chart as well. But 1980.00 is a CLVN as well.
Originally posted by Aladdin

Originally posted by Aladdin

long 1983.50 target 1988.50
(stoploss 1980.50)

close/sell 1988.50

That's it for me for today.
Thanks everyone for your comments and insights.

Hope Bruce will join us tomorrow.
That was truly a display of patience and conviction to your trade idea. Kudos