ES Wednesday 9-10-2014

During yesterday's late spike, value remained above.
O/N inventory is short.

For now I'm a little long biased.

Numbers above: 1992.75, 1998.75.
Numbers below: 1982.25, 1983.25, 1987.00.
A thought.....

As we come up to the anniversary of 9/11 there will probably be a bias to the downside as large players hold off on establishing major positions due to news event concerns.
long 1983.50 target 1988.50
(stoploss 1980.50)
if it goes to 81.25 i be buying stoploss 78.25
I have to admit: this long is very scary...
u caught a nice one aladdin nice one
Thanks, duck.
Glad they repaired that poor low.
Nice call Aladin! I'm not in this yet but watching 8700 closely to see if we continue up
Nice trade so far Aladdin.
Thanks, bkay.
1987.00 is O/N VPOC.
8700-8725 has failed twice, bulls need to see it push through that level IMO
Originally posted by Aladdin

Originally posted by Aladdin

long 1983.50 target 1988.50
(stoploss 1980.50)

close/sell 1988.50

That's it for me for today.
Thanks everyone for your comments and insights.

Hope Bruce will join us tomorrow.
That was truly a display of patience and conviction to your trade idea. Kudos