ES Monday 9-15-14

How I see it...I will add a quick chart into this post in a minute....wanted to get video up quicker
No video below? Try this link: Monday.swf

a quick visual for those who don't want to hear me ramble...this shows friday Volume profile against what is happening in the O/N session...hunting shorts for me know in this 77.25 - 78.50 target the 73 - 75 area....
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well like it or not I have a 77.75 short working......targeting 75 but I realize they might jerk around at gap close....not afraid to add this morning up at the 81 - 82 if needed
market likes to trade back to pick one and trade for it...will it be the volume up at 82 or the volume from On at 75..?.my money is on the 75
coming out heavy at 75..I added on RTH open but was prepared for 81 - 82 just in case...runners trying for 73.75 but this 75 may mess them up
On midpoint sits at keep that in mind if trying to hold
On Friday you confirmed the VPOC shifts Bruce had mentioned.
Can you please post what charting software you use and what is you data feed?

dtn for the charting software it is investor rt, buti don't believe that matters, only the data does
so far an open and drive out of value...I would think that the va low of 75 From ffriday becomes real important now.....if that can turn into resistance then they should try for the push to 69 - 70
fwiw i don't match Bruce's vpoc activity from Friday. Dtn has the vpoc nicely at 77.25
oh how nice it would be to see them just drive it to 1970 without a bunch of back fill from hard to hold this thing with all the noise.....that low from friday would be a natural target of course.........
that's me done at 71.50..I don't have the ammo and I don't like lows and highs on break outs...people like me usually fade those...good luck if you are running for that 70...I hope it prints and soon for ya
I agree with you Bruce the O/N stat looks nice but it's very difficult to actually trade from.