ES Monday 9-15-14

How I see it...I will add a quick chart into this post in a minute....wanted to get video up quicker
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a quick visual for those who don't want to hear me ramble...this shows friday Volume profile against what is happening in the O/N session...hunting shorts for me know in this 77.25 - 78.50 target the 73 - 75 area....
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when u get a chance......did u have vpoc at one time at the 82 area on friday ? I think the key thing is looking at the volume nodes in general but it would be nice to have accurate data........funny that my MP chart has Fridays Vpoc at your 77 area...........
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fwiw i don't match Bruce's vpoc activity from Friday. Dtn has the vpoc nicely at 77.25
it was at 82.75 for msot of the day and then shifted down to 77.25 late in the day
thanks apk....that 4pm closing volume most likely does strange things with Ib data to my chart but I think the 82.75 is a better true picture of where volume really was.......
OK, APK, thank you...

I am trying to figure out whether the charting software does matter versus the data feed mattering

I run SIerra with DTN feed, and Bruce's charts have moves in the VPOC that never show up on my Sierra charts,

I am doubtful that the differences in total volume traded (as sent out by IB versus DTN ) can really matter that much...On many occasions, at the end of the RTH, I have compared the absolute number of contracts traded at a price with DTN IQ feed versus the IB feed.....the differences are minor, truly just a couple here and ther3...certainly NOT warranting the difference between a VPOC shift size (I humbly assume)

I do make the assumption that DTN does not generate a VPOC (If they did, they would have a ticker symbol for it) , I assume DTN only feeds the volume data into the charting software, the charting software generates the VPOC

I am wondering whether SIerra Charts treats the volume data differently than MD or investor RT when it comes to generating a VPOC.

APK, you said that intraday readings on Friday were not the same as Bruce's.... well, maybe the data feed does matter... I know I had nowhere near as many moves in the VPOC as generated by SIerra Chartrs.

Is there anyone out there who runs Sierra Charts with an IB feed and gets the same VPOC shifts that Bruce showed in the Friday postings?

Thanks for your help.
with S1 at 69.50 and that volume from the O/N at 70 it shows a great example today of how you can use the O/N to confirm areas that fall outside of the previous days range too...congrats to anyone who held for that test....we would need to see this thing start working on the 74 - 75 to start thinking that maybe it will be the On high that gets run out today...also a great example that there are lots of people out there on the web that like to post this kind of thing :

" Overnight range probability - DONE "

.what a great big heap of crap...imagine trying to hold for another 1.5 points to get that overnight low and then see the thing pop almost 5 points against you......ouch....another reason I do not like the 95 % On high and low statistic.......THAT DAMN THING CAN BE HARD TO GET !!
as long as we can stay above 71.75 on any retests down I think they will want that On high and the daily pivot at 78 area....FOMC on Wednesday and nobody may want to do anything big before then....when the pivot player are in they usually go for at least two they already printed the S1 so they will need to get another one of their levels...we are also back above the O/N midpoint and haven't broken a range yet

DONE !!!

LOL !!!!
I agree with you Bruce the O/N stat looks nice but it's very difficult to actually trade from.