Es Wednesday 9-17-14

I have a follow up video I will add to this post in a few minutes
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_part_1.swf

this next video could be titled " Volume as the attractor" but shows how I incorporate the volume nodes that my Ib data paints for me
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starting small shorts at 94 but prepared to go to 95 - 96 area as a better short......looking for the vpoc test below..midpoint is below too
trying to get to 91.75 on any shorts up here
starting core shorts at 95.25.....this could get tricky and will now use 93 as first target
I'd like to see this vpoc flip to the 95.25 bring in some sellers......back to my revised target of 93.25...not convinced and cautious that they could still run away again ahead of FOMC
gotta start going down now or else they will have 97.50 - 98.50 on their radar..losing patience up here
Hope you were able to hold for it, Bruce. Gutsy play!
a video for anyone who may be as bored as me basically just speaks about volume nodes...over and over and over !!!!
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perhaps but I'm just following the volume I took two shorts up there ...both better than the other and I'm still holding one for that gap fill and 91.50/ On midpoint etc...
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Hope you were able to hold for it, Bruce. Gutsy play!

went flat at 92 even......was thinking that everyone might be getting out slightly ahead of the Official 91.50 if all us shorts are covering they may push back to the 94 volume again........bottom line is that it is not worth doing now and when I covered it was right near 11 a.m...that's my 90 minute window
may be back later but need to get outside and MOVE.........some volatility experiments i am doing says there is only a 10% chance that we go above 2025 or below 1960 by fridays for this FOMC is more interesting to me than most because I am exploring different OPTION strategies that I hope to use someday...
I should have had a long from 93.5 to 95.0 but I did not take it. Oh well.

See ya tomorrow