Es Wednesday 9-17-14

I have a follow up video I will add to this post in a few minutes
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this next video could be titled " Volume as the attractor" but shows how I incorporate the volume nodes that my Ib data paints for me
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would love to hear ab those results Bruce

Went short at 1993 and covered at 1991.75 figuring that there will be a big push at 1991.5 as well
i'll keep ya posted apk and once I refine them and figure out how to use my IB option software I may start a journal here on short term nature is drawn to selling the weeklies but I also like the Iron Condors and seem to like them anywhere from 45 - 70 days till expiration....still in research mode
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would love to hear ab those results Bruce

congrats New Kid.......
Thanks Bruce. BTW, on your videos, what time frame are you showing? I see that you switch to weekly sometimes but are you using primarily daily data? Thanks in advance.
And there is the 1991.5! Breaking through it now. Thanks for the video on Volume Bruce. This helps understand the markets more.
I look at the weekly Market profile charts to see high and low tpo spots and volume spots after a new contract has traded for a full week and the value areas but then I dial it down to just the rth day session charts........for example...last weeks time VA high was 95.75 u know i also had a zone based on the videos I showed nice confluence.....

Unfortunately I can't always cover everything I look at but try to touchon the core ideas at least one time over the course of a week....I'm trying to keep the videos today I didn't mention last weeks VA high but could have...many times I assume most are already looking at those things but perhaps I shouldn't assume
That is completely understandable. Just the fact that you take the time to post your commentary is very helpful. I am not a Market Profile based trader at all so usually I do not know much of what you are talking about ahead of time but I am trying to follow and learn from it. it is interesting how different methods of trading point to the same thing and intrigues me very much
my crystal ball says that they will come back for 88 after printingdown below 86 post report
I have the volume from report at 92 copuld be next target
I should have had a long from 93.5 to 95.0 but I did not take it. Oh well.

See ya tomorrow