ES Friday 9-19-14

along with my babble on the video , gap guy say shorts have a higher probability of filling in today too records for fridays ( however brief) show a generic 78% chance of gap fill and as always a 80- 82 % chance of a half gap fill...this is options expiration friday...something to keep in mind....

here is the rest of my world and I hope it all goes well today....
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for reference I have small shorts at 2010.25 and will add in On at 2012.50........I know some like to see my trades posted and most don't care....but that is my usual this is all kept small and I am more active once rth opens....I'll be using 2008 as a first target unless I need to add at the 2012.50 number ...then I would target original entry point...nuff said
nice video Bruce, thanks....i don't have that volume at 06 that u show in the o/n fyi....i have the bulk at 07.5 (before it moved up to 11-11.5) which makes sense with where we made that swing low abt an hour any case, i know u trust your ib data but just wanted to bring that up

gl today
starting rth shorts at 12.50
came out heavy at 2010 and midpoint......that was just under original O/N entry.....trying to hold 3 for volume below and that r1 level
Thanks for your video, Bruce.
To gapclose or not to gapclose?
That is the question for today...
just small pieces for me..that r1 has half gap fill as ultimate goal would be that 06 volume if real lucky....many times on Option expiration this first move ( the gap open) is the fake out....lets hope so today
Originally posted by Aladdin

Thanks for your video, Bruce.
To gapclose or not to gapclose?
That is the question for today...

O/N inventory was long, so maybe some form of inventory adjustment will take place.
I'm on second short now...I wanted to wait for that minor report to hit just in case...again from 10.50...
focused on 07.75 and that 06 but not gonna be stupid up here either.....
I need them to reject all that volume at 10.50 and push down....tuff trade area and this is SLOW
By reject do you mean: not trade above 2010.50?
thanks apk