ES Friday 9-19-14

along with my babble on the video , gap guy say shorts have a higher probability of filling in today too records for fridays ( however brief) show a generic 78% chance of gap fill and as always a 80- 82 % chance of a half gap fill...this is options expiration friday...something to keep in mind....

here is the rest of my world and I hope it all goes well today....
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for reference I have small shorts at 2010.25 and will add in On at 2012.50........I know some like to see my trades posted and most don't care....but that is my usual this is all kept small and I am more active once rth opens....I'll be using 2008 as a first target unless I need to add at the 2012.50 number ...then I would target original entry point...nuff said
i think they may wanna hit 05.5 , yest rth official hod...i don't think of it as a big level and think the gap and eventually 1.75 area the important levels to watch
pulled the plug on last at 06.25 ..I don't trust that 06...apk all my volume would show all the volume at 09.5 too if I looked at it like this too...the green line is how the Volume profile paints it but I think it is wrong
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good probability they may want to fill in 08.25 but I won't try a long and am done for today...good luck gap fillers
error in my post above... the breakdown from the first 30 minute bar happened at 08...not 08.25...just in case someone was following my madness.....that was where they tried to make single prints.....don't want to confuse anyone
Love those fib numbers.
are you referring to the fib grid thread and the 06.25 and the 12.50 ETM or are you talking about classic fibs..?
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Love those fib numbers.
Have a great weekend everyone.
my actual green lines when I really dial it in are at 04.75 and that would be the zone.......if coming down from above I would always try to get out ahead of those things....but I hope it keeps dropping for u
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Bruce - I'm talking about your numbers. They're fixtures on my charts.

It's uncanny how frequently they act as support or resistance. Not always. But frequently.

To anyone looking to trade off these numbers, do not blindly enter trades off of them. I learned the hard way. Look for confirmation of a reversal. When it comes to exiting, where I have a nice profit, I've had good results placing a limit order one tick shy of one of Bruce's fib lines.
cool ETM and u 2 aladin...
thanks apk