ES Wednesday 11-5-14

my overall concern is that all that were short could cover and drive market up quicker than I like in the first few minutes.......2017 is my dividing line between the magnets of 2013 and gut feel is that we will see the 21.25. Today I will once again be using the opening range as a filter as we are set to open outside of YD value area and 2011 - 2013 for possible support is some video only took me 3 tries to convey what I wanted to say without flubbing it up too much today...
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O/N mid point is at 11.75 so that could possibly be a support level as well, if we get that down. Looking pretty strong right now so will see if it gets down there. Good luck to all today.
Thanks, Bruce.
Is this an open drive?
took the one minute low to try for O/N VPOC first....
shorted the O/N high for a gapclose.
with a little luck we may actually get that 2013.....that usually means that it won't happen >...LOL...but that 2017 is still critical to watch as the divider line
best fill for me so far is 2016...that is an LVN from monday at at VA high from monday...once again it's all about ranges and value......if we can't hold inside Mondays va high then up they will push again..
Value is now developing higher...

I can hear the voice of Jim Dalton in my head: "Any time you fade value, you must be right very quickly"
covering last at 2013.50..........that's all for me....good luck for anyone trying to hold for gap fill way down at 2006 that 2011 - 2013 closely...lots of time spent in there....
when listening to traderbites, it sounded to me like u were looking to go long at 2013-2011 zone..??? do I listen wrong?
that's a keeper....thanks stockster
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p10 in the following article "Putting volatility to work" uses 252 days...

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yes this is what I am leaning towards also even though haggerty doesn't
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I would imagine that using number of trading days makes more sense than using calendar days. So I would use 250 days instead of 365.

This gives us a multiplier of 0.063 instead of 0.052