ES Thursday 11-20-14

Today's band. We are already at the lower 1/2 bands as I type

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took a 1.5 point loss and trying once more from still below...risk is that poor high that sits at all time highs
targeting 50.25 to make up for that loss
longer term targets below if lucky would be 49 and 47.50...ahead of that LVN
heavy on 49.50 to make this profitable...only holding one now....
I'd like this to stay under 51.50 now
in general a low probability to keep a 60 minute breakout unfilled
still tryingto get 47.50 ahead of singles.....but here is a video that may save u some money someday...or maybe not !!! to me a very important fade concept on breakaways
No video below? Try this link: singles.swf

Thanks Bruce