ES Thursday 11-20-14

Today's band. We are already at the lower 1/2 bands as I type

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another reason I covered on that push is because O/N midpoint hasn't printed yet and that is at YD va lows..
looks like an open drive.
selling 44...last small sale of the day trying to get to 42...
coming all out at 42 and calling it a day....40 - 43 is a big LVn on weekly chart and I think they may want to fill that in with multiple tpo;s today....
nice trading,Bruce.
that is it for me for today.
My open drive paranoia served me well, today.

Have a nice day, everyone.
I see trading off a break out of the first 2 or 3 minutes off the open is working if there is a bias as to the direction...If we get that opening drive or if you have a bias to fade the overnight this type of trade has been profitable...Today was an example of that.
u 2 alladin...they are trying to leave singles behind on 30 minute breakout...I may try one last campaign off of 46.50 - 48 area......then get on to my options education
looking for a print of 44 and if real lucky the 30 minute vpoc at 42...4 pm close was 46.75 don't take that for granted...just an fyi
44 is an lvn too so take off heavy if on this
Thanks Bruce