ES Monday 12-22-14

here are how my lines look coming into monday........I have greenies at 69.25 and 63 ..then down below at 54.75 .....I think the 63 will be the magnet and probably will get hit in the On session on Sunday night
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mon num
i would agree but this slow motion volume is always a concern...somebody with big dollars can muscle the market around more easily than on other days....I'm initiating no more trades....just holding one runner from earlier to try to get to 63.50 but probably will get stopped out....if I had more runners working I'd be trying for the pivot/closing us pigs will probably get slaughtered on this last one
went flat at 70.75.....scalpers market and i have no idea which way they really want to take it...still holding above value from friday...outside my time frame too...good luck
POC just jumped to 71.75 from 70.5 so whoever it was, has successfully defended that VAH
dalton would think of current low as a poor lots of conflicts on the charts..if price can come back under 69.50 then maybe shorts can take over but no doubt this is dangerous trade to try and hold
here is poor low in C and E period up against VA high from friday ...
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poor low
Thats interesting. I see a sligthly different picture with my D period being a tick lower....

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i compared my IB data chart with my Market delta chart and you are correct NK...for some reason the MD chart didn't pick up that tick...still not a great excess low
hmm...I did a refresh of my data and it shows it as yours...guess my MD is a bit slow today....LOL!!!
a quick look at how the lines are working from Friday against today...the battle wages on...Not sure if this will be my last day until the new year......Pitbull traders should be real careful between xmas and New years.....the person who taught me the Pitbull framework always said that you can give a lot of your trading presents back if you trade during that time and use the pitbull......

just in case, I hope all enjoy the holiday season and find some good positive meaning from it.......
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quite a sluggish day today. if i dont see you around, enjoy your holidays Bruce.