ES Wednesday 1-7-15

here's how I marked up my chart....Blue lines are Va Highs and lows....will confirm in the morning with Overnight action...FOMC today
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UPDATE :here is how the overnight has played out against our zones.....two greenies on the chart and they will print at least one today Greenies/Volume at 1994.50- 96 and also at 2014- 2015....sure seems like the 2008.50 - 2010 will the deciding factor as to which one will print today....also watch that 2002.50- 2004 as that was a key line and On midpoint rests there as I type

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follow time
it came to that ledge mentioned earlier at and stopped..
yeah...that was cool....wasn't trading but it sure was cool...I mentioned this a week or so ago....guy who taught me pitbull kept track of swings from the 7:30 - 9:15....this was called computer session to him..........I also show a missed midpoint test so far as it sits at 04.25 on my data....key zone up above is 23 - 25 now//// good luck...I probably wont trade until tomorrow...fed minutes could easily go for midpoint test and the probability is still satisfied....but it doesn't should really only hold for final midpoint test on runner contracts when we open so far away from it......GREED KILLS ya in trading...;
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it came to that ledge mentioned earlier at and stopped..
a quick shot of greenie from Monday at 23.45 ( chart puts in the number) and how Tuesdays high made a double top that was stil valid
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a quick shot of the upper bands as per mentioned in post earlier/last night...using 365..the 1.28 and 1.5 rocked the house today and look at 5 minute bars to see how we formed triples at the 1.0 band this morning...
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here is chart with upper levels so far today
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band levels
and just an FYI...I may sometimes get an ego when trading but these bands where sent to me.......and it's kind of funny to call them "BruceBands" I didn't actually call them that myself.......the mad scientist did !!!

but heck....Larry williams and all these vendors modify and steal stuff and put their name on it.....John Bollinger, Elder stuff....I'd rather make money then make indicators !!!
today was a day where my lines/zones were almost picture perfect but i traded horribly and came out a little negative for the day.
time to become a better trader...
new kid you pull the trigger. me was like a deer caught in the heads lights again.
duck, trust me, there were a couple of times where i was like that as well. really need to get better and pulling the trigger and then once in the trade, to manage it better and try to think rationally rather than let fear overtake you
if we shoot up after the minutes, the greenie at 29 is in play. else like Bruce said, we are circling back and trying to make new lows. lets see what happens
agrre new fomc we should see 11.50 and/or 29.....sure wish that information was tradeable........if bulls really take over then 37 - 38 is on the radar too....and if bears take this over then it's down to 95 - 96,,,,,
Yup, they sure got that area real fast. I guess that was all the pent up frustration from lack of action post fomc!