ES Wednesday 1-7-15

here's how I marked up my chart....Blue lines are Va Highs and lows....will confirm in the morning with Overnight action...FOMC today
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UPDATE :here is how the overnight has played out against our zones.....two greenies on the chart and they will print at least one today Greenies/Volume at 1994.50- 96 and also at 2014- 2015....sure seems like the 2008.50 - 2010 will the deciding factor as to which one will print today....also watch that 2002.50- 2004 as that was a key line and On midpoint rests there as I type

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follow time
the pitbull had given us a clue. opened at 10.25, hit the -2.5 number and came back to open and then hit the +2.5 number
the current high at 13.5 is poor so i expect that to be taken out
isn't the overnight mid point 2004.25?
i have it at 2005
30min VPOC at 11.25 but the volume is almost the same at 12 (about 200 contracts less)
newkid thanks for 30 vpoc info.. i think you came onto something here.
Originally posted by duck

newkid thanks for 30 vpoc info.. i think you came onto something here.

Credit goes to Bruce. He is the one who brought it up. I just did some number crunching.
too bad my dumb self did not take the short from the zone i had marked off at 16-17, inspite of the pause, using the 30-min VPOC as a target.
But another lesson learned: Take the trades you say you should take.
ok there your test. now lets see if they hit the overnight mid point.
FWIW, the second 30-min VPOC is at 15
Yup, they sure got that area real fast. I guess that was all the pent up frustration from lack of action post fomc!