ES Wednesday 1-21-15

most immediate lines I am using.....usually when I make a video or post something the night before we get a big move and my lines become meaningless.....lets see what happens tonight
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oh yeah...yesterday is was sanding and salting the driveway.......but this knee wall will keep me busy for a while.....also my wife is taking my two youngest ( the 8 and 6 year old) to disney for a week on Saturday so it will be me and the teenager holding down the lots of time for additional projects....but also cooking and cleaning and all that great stuff........who said being a day trader was a glamorous life...? LOL...I try to keep myself grounded even though most times I feel like I must b out of my freaking mind !!!!
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ha, i knew u were into some sort of manual labor !!!!
well there is the bracket low test but often this test can lead the buyers back in...hope not as i would really like to see that Ib get tested...
this 2020 is peak time now so if u r still holding I would use this as a final exit and call it a day...some have developing greenies at 20.50 and some of us have it at 19.50 so this is a good spot to say "adios" to mr. market for the day