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ES Wednesday 1-21-15

most immediate lines I am using.....usually when I make a video or post something the night before we get a big move and my lines become meaningless.....lets see what happens tonight
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Bands for the day. It is interesting to me that the 1 SD band for 365 days is at 98.25, which is where we had a greenie as well as the low was placed closed to it.

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picture for the day
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Enjoy the input fellas!

NewKid, what do all those lines represent? That many lines would paralyze me.

Good luck to all.
ON greenies are all at 15.5. if the market is going to go down, i imagine they would try touching it but then you never know..
i agree that they are a lot of lines but some hold more significance than others to me. it is hard to show the entire picture without it looking cluttered like it does.

i do agree that the picture makes me cringe a little but reality is better for me!

the red lines represent price action resistance/support lines
the green lines are the greenies or the high volume spots
the cyan lines are the daily pivot points
the magenta lines are where there are single prints (up above currently)

so the green lines are most important to me, then the cyan and then the red ones.

the single print lines are more to remind me that there are singles there on my 1-min chart in case i miss it.

BTW Big Mike, what input are you referring to? Maybe i am missing something.... i did not get your comment..

Originally posted by Big Mike

Enjoy the input fellas!

NewKid, what do all those lines represent? That many lines would paralyze me.

Good luck to all.
Does anyone doubt that the markets are manipulated... do you think i was just a coincidence that rumors of the ECB doing 58 billion a month in QE? Even though an announcement is not scheduled until tomrrow?

Come on.
sorry for rapid typing...
should have read...

Do you think it was just a coincidence that the rumor surfaced now?
the -5.5 pitbull number was 5.25 which was right where we had the greenie from YD. Should have gone long there in hindsight. next time it is worth knowing if a greenie is lining up with a pitbull number ahead of time.
Ok i,ll bite,, whats a greenie?
30min VPOC @ 18
this 2020 is peak time now so if u r still holding I would use this as a final exit and call it a day...some have developing greenies at 20.50 and some of us have it at 19.50 so this is a good spot to say "adios" to mr. market for the day
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