ES Wednesday 1-21-15

most immediate lines I am using.....usually when I make a video or post something the night before we get a big move and my lines become meaningless.....lets see what happens tonight
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i am sure Bruce bot 5.5 or sthg like that, took profit on runners and then shorted 23-25 area, is done for the day and is fixing his roof or sthg of the kind...

i did take the short from the 23-25 area and the last runner came out at 15 so pretty happy with that...

we are in a big big balance since 1/13 (1970-2027) which is also part of a bigger balance since 1/02...18.5-19.5 is the vpoc area of that bigger balance, and the one we are fighting at right now...if we fail to get above 18-19ish we will eventually hit 95, the vpoc of the smaller balance area and that big bell curve bruce showed yest...if above 18-19ish, we will likely go test that 26-27 upper range area and perhaps 29-31, which is the big lvn inside the bigger area

red lines are vpoc of the balance areas

thanks apk and good trading. i am still on the sidelines unable to take a trade because i have been very undecided. better to wait than go in the wrong direction..
it is a high volume node...

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Ok i,ll bite,, whats a greenie?
k thanks newkid
leaving a single print off the IB that stays in the market all day till sessions end is a very low probability....I'd still be watching the 29 - 31 closely...just because they were able to get above that LVn doesn't mean it isn't still'd need to see sustained trade above my money is on the 24.75 retest off this upper zone . if we are to be playing playing devils advocate then we would also tell you that they are able to hold so far above the POC from that is bullishr...we are consolidating in the upper half of that days bell this is just a classic battle between bulls and bears like it always additional zone if buyers win will be 36- 38.50 ( edited this last zone due to typo) ..lets see if we can get that test down to stop this one time framing up market
Bruce i hope u did not find my comment offensive or anything like that...Just thought you might have been done early today and onto other things
coiling/consolidation now...the current 30 minute is still inside the 11;30 bar which is inside the 11 a.m bar
oh no...not at all...I actually did move on to other things....I'm attempting to build a storage area out of a 18 foot knee wall area.....quite a challenge for me and my aching back...HA !!! I found that funny.......and always appreciate stuff like breaks up the monotony of just trading posts.....
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Bruce i hope u did not find my comment offensive or anything like that...Just thought you might have been done early today and onto other things
ha, i knew u were into some sort of manual labor !!!!
the only thing wrong with your post is that I only bought the 05.50 ( Overnight midpoint was above) and then hit 11 and 17 and couldn't hold for 22 - 23......I also only did that one trade but I sure wish I did what you said and took that beautiful 23 short but it didn't happen for me....
this 2020 is peak time now so if u r still holding I would use this as a final exit and call it a day...some have developing greenies at 20.50 and some of us have it at 19.50 so this is a good spot to say "adios" to mr. market for the day