ES Tuesday 1-27-15

Bands for the day. Hopefully I did not mess up today.

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trying longs from 17.75 for 21.25 retest...keeping it small and this will be last trade of the day ....I will not allow myself to get caught in a big drop as I know that 2012 area could be next if we are wrong here
17.75 was second highest place they put in time last week
air pocket at Ib breakdown point........harder trade in general today because of the gap lower open and the fact that the first hour goes from Pause ( consolidation ) to Trend ...but the lines are there for context
took the loser at 16.75 ....gonna try one more time as they try to push under 14 towards my 12.50 ...then maybe we can use the 16- 17 area as a retest magnet....LTN's and HTN's are not I am trying to see some slowdown in price before entry
targeting 16 first.....another breakdown point and near our HTN off the weekly
and if they buyers aren't gonna step up now then 09 may be in their forecast...almost 11 am
the 3SD band value would definitely be something!
so now this 16 - 17.75 is the key inflection point as we go forward here
a retest back down to 13.50 stops last runner but if they can resolve this 16 -17. 75 then last target is 20.75...
price slow down? what do u mean by that Bruce?
thanks Bruce. that is what i struggle with. taking the quick and small losses. need to get better at that