ES Tuesday 1-27-15

Bands for the day. Hopefully I did not mess up today.

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here's how I have three key downside areas are 26- 27 and 23 ...then about 18...I would target 32-33 if I could find a long now post 9 a.m off the 26 area...midpoint sits way above still and can only either stay the same or move lower

here is a video that explains my lines
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

according to newkids chart we have only a 13% chance of closing under 2029.67...the 1.5 we will be opening over stretched...lots of singles in Overnight too
starting small long trade at 25.75 but my ultimate plan is to use 26 - 27 as a zone and then 22 - 23...if we fail and open under 26 then i will use that 26 as a magnet price first in RTH........that is weekly VPOC on my data and a long line of a CRITICAL spot today no matter how this plays my buying plans are as follows.....

buy 26 area and use 31 - 33 as a magnet

buy 22 - 23 and use 26 - 27 as a magnet

buy 16.75 - 18.50 and use 22 - 23 as a magnet

hopefully one will work today
if for some reason we get and hold under 2020 today then the only greenie I have way below there is at 2012....

starting rth longs at 22.50 aggressive due to multiple test of our 26 already but minus 4 - 5.5 is here
coming out heavy at 26..trying to hold two contracts...I'd like this low to hold to go get 31 - 33
i don't want to see any time spent under 25.25 now...that really needs to hold if longs are gonna get this back up to ultimately the other greenie at 35 but I'm hoping for LTN area at 31 - 33...I know if bears take over then we may be going down to 2018
I'm hoping that was the retest and now they can make new the back of my mind I keep asking myself....."r they done with the 26 number yet ???"
we opened below daily s2 today so will be interesting to see how the rest of the day plays out..
S3 is at the 3 SD band.... so if we get there for whatever reason, there is reason to go long but i really doubt it gets down there..
thanks Bruce. that is what i struggle with. taking the quick and small losses. need to get better at that