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ES Friday 1-30-15

Bands for the day.

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My key lines today.....Green is weekly Time profile on 1 minute and blue is yesterdays day session...overnight has confirmed these lines

Greenie magnets ...1989,1995 and 2014...I'd use 93.50- 95 as a key zone today on downside with greenie there too

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30 min VPOC @ 9.5
Been very sticky around O/N midpoint which is also Euro IB low.

Good luck to all!
no greenie print yet...a high probability of happening......will it be the 95 or the 14.50 ??? so far it seems like it will be the 95...2006 - 2007 holds the key now
S1 is at 94 so we know that the basic short study says we hit two standard day trader pivot points 75 % of the time....we've hit one so far...we need to sellers to keep this under that 2006 - 2007
you have a greenie at 95?
The greenie I ave from yesterday is 92.75
NewKid, what do you have for greenie from yesterday
1996.00 was the Close (4:00) from Wednesday and it did attract buyers in the overnight...
i have 92.75/93.25
yikes...I've never studied the close of two days ago.....I'd have to say this was just front running but if you have studies I'd love to see them.....still think the 94.75 greenie is in the plan but getting close to 11 for me.....sellers really need to keep this closed on 30 minutes under the IB lows to have a shot
Originally posted by PAUL9

1996.00 was the Close (4:00) from Wednesday and it did attract buyers in the overnight...
OK, Thanks...
if anyone is still trading...I think good odds we return to 2006 again...we are outside of today's value and hitting back up into Yd LTN zone
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