ES Tuesday 2-3-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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I have greenies at the following levels:


Will see how the O/N turns out and will formulate a plan in the morning
ON greenie @ 23 and another one way down @ 12
i was thinking i would like the shorts at the open but if we open in the 25s, then the 23 greenie, which is in both RTH and ON, would be in the way. That gives me pause and makes me think the market will bounce off of it. So I am conflicted this morning....

Best hope would be that we drop a bit before the open. Let us see....
here's how I have it...the On high is critical....I brought in some longer term TIME charts to make my plan is for shorts to get 21.50 greenie but a breakout of 26.50 with high volume will be cause for concern......I think this market may need to spend some time today battling it out between monthly time price at 17 - 18 and weekly time prices at 26.......I think safest shorts are at 26 and then 31 - 33 zone...aggressive buys would be to see the 21 area print and then take longs above high of low bar but longs aren't my first choice today....also watch 4 pm close just in if we get a good short I would be covering at21, 17 - 18, the 4 pm close and then try for 12.50 greenie... that would be the ideal take off points
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

i think this market will need to come back for 26.50 so looking for low of high bar trade or some slow down...don't c either yet...but if we get to the 31 line then will look much harder to find the short as that is next key zone......ok starting small at 31.25 .......don't trust this being minute bars shrinking which i hope is will be 27.50 and will lean on 33 if needed
blowing through two greenies I hope is a no-no !!
double top on one minute so we may also need to see that run and look for a mini 1-2-3 pattern....
mistake...only blew through that one set of greenies at the 26.75.....I'd like to see the retest but will try to get out in front on the way back
there is a lot of volume @ 29.5 so you might want to be careful
poor management and missed target by two ticks...trying new shorts now from 33.50...want 30.50 retest...
Bruce...very cool of you to post those vids and thanks for the explanation of the greenies.
I'm kinda drinking through a fire hose with the profile stuff, but getting the hang of the areas to watch for.

Thanks again!!