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ES Tuesday 2-3-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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Another obstacle is this 28.75 area
Out at 27.25 on a retrace
what made you get out sharks?
My trade management skills are terrible
New Kid
Not wanting to give back too much profit I guess, I don't scale out, trade small.

Price action might have gotten me out anyway after a failure around 2029.00 which is VWAP on my chart.
FWIW, you came within one tick of the VPOC
we are still one time framing lower..
I find managing a winning trade is harder that managing a losing trade.
i have had trouble with both so you are at least 2x better than me!

Originally posted by sharks57

I find managing a winning trade is harder that managing a losing trade.
A losing trade is more defined with a protective stop,

While a winning trade can be set up in many ways. You can scale out, you can be all in or out, or you can trail a stop.

Having a profit objective is the key, manage the trade accordingly is all you can do.

Then move on to the next trade. Just my trading advice for the day.
Bruce...very cool of you to post those vids and thanks for the explanation of the greenies.
I'm kinda drinking through a fire hose with the profile stuff, but getting the hang of the areas to watch for.

Thanks again!!
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