ES Wednesday 2-4-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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yeah that is what the software uses for a tie-breaker. in the case of same number of TPOs, it chooses the one closest to the center. I think it is interesting to think of the last 30-min bar (before the 4pm close) as well. I will see if i can reuse any of my existing data.
here some various ramble and some problems with trying to find the " RIGHT" lines......we can't get them all and u must choose lines that make sense to u and not have too many to work from....well here I think Is a line I MISSED but I can't have lines at 31.75, 33.75 ,'s just too in these cases it it is better to find some confluence......but somebody used that 33.75 line and it wasn't me..........
No video below? Try this link: too_many_lines.swf

it sure seems that the 1.0 weekly band at around 40 - 41 holds the key...I think this area will decide if the can go get back up to 50 - 51 today or a late day sell off to 27 - 28 area.
it has been quite a battle today. i expect it to break eventually in one direction or another. sure wish i knew which!