ES Wednesday 2-4-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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reports coming in at 9;45, 10:00 and 10:30
this is coiling around only one of my lines...expect the pop soon....problem is I don't know which way...a pop up and runners win...a pop down and they lose.....good thing is even if they lose then I will try longs again under O/N lows down into greenies another line should be printing soon
YD's VAH = 35
Daily PP = 35.5
Weekly R1 = 36.25
compute session the tic video and other babble to keep me busy as I try to hold something....and u can bet it is small now...
No video below? Try this link: computer_high_.swf

30 min VPOC @ 37.25 which was the O/N midpt
newkid..u haven't watched my video as that was all mentioned... but I bring this up only becasue perhaps it would be best if we typed the stuff in and did away with videos...? I'd be fine with that as it would be faster not only for myself ( well, maybe not as I am a slow typer) but it would be faster for people to read than to watch a video....what do ya think ?? " anyone, anyone....Beuller"...u can tell two things from this post

1) I am trying to give runners room and I only have two now

2) I watched "Ferris beullers day off " with my 13 year old the other day...I've seen that movie too many times
Originally posted by NewKid

YD's VAH = 35
Daily PP = 35.5
Weekly R1 = 36.25
final exit for me is 42.50...I'll let somebody else get the rest and those more for me..
fwiw i love the videos Bruce, nothing beats them !
I would suggest you continue with the videos. I was running behind this AM so could not watch it till the end. i saw only the first minute. i usually go back and look at them later if i cannot in the morning. my apologies if i stepped on your toes
yes videos are great..please keep them up
it has been quite a battle today. i expect it to break eventually in one direction or another. sure wish i knew which!