ES Wednesday 2-4-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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I have greenies at the following places

here is how my chart looks...most important to me is that we didn't tag the Overnight midpoint in Tuesdays day session I always focus more on that happening today...meaning we should tag last nights midpoint are the levels I am working off of ...the video that I will add to to this post will explain them for those interested....I know this chart is busy !! Also we didn't tag the pivot point yesterday today I expect us to print the pivot and S1 or R1 ....I'm leaning more towards the S1 eventually today ...Green lines are greenies for me from my Ib data...35 area is also pivot point forgot to mention that !!
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far out

here is a video which cover the lines, some MP charts and some a brief internal of the market which leads me to thin that we should pop up after the open today
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

starting On long trade at 31.75 as I type...taking out that ledge......remember all inventory is now short and Pivot and overnight midpoint is above the market price I am buying at secondary buy point is down near that 28 area
I have O/N greenie at 39.75. The O/N inventory is short and YD we did not test the O/N mid-pt. So keeping an eye out for it.
pivot taken care how about that midpoint
missed the entry at 32 and now on the sidelines. no shame in that
midpoint all we need to figure out is....which grenie will it be ? but for me my finals are shooting for 39.50 and 43......I'd really like to see most time spent above YD value otherwise we run the chance of going for O/N low and greenie at 28 area....
trying to get that computer session high..( 7:30 - 9:15 a.m).up near 39.50 ....not giving it up easy...I know it will be that or O/N low that will print ....
very sluggish so far. if they wanted to go higher, it should have happened by now... lets see if we fall back into YD's VA
that 35 - 36 high and pivot needs to be a giant magnet so far !!
weekly R1 too at 36.25. too much confluence results in big magnet?
it has been quite a battle today. i expect it to break eventually in one direction or another. sure wish i knew which!