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ES Friday 2-27-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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no but I just bought into 04 as it was so close to my weekly VA low and knew I had single print buying tail slightly under there....I want them back into YD value watching that 05.75 for a first target and see if we can catch more....don';t think so...this is also developing weekly VA at lows now
06.50 is another danger zone for this is heavy scale and only holding two now.....this is ridiculous...
how my weekly now looks
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notice also that the 06.50 is a low time spot !!!
Great job Bruce.

Man I don't know how you keep track of so many levels and post as well.

Thanks as always for sharing
30 min VPOC @ 5.5
and right back to the open!
Originally posted by BruceM

notice also that the 06.50 is a low time spot !!!

low time from where, what day?
goingto try for 09 and 2111 on these last two..
see my weekly chart....
Originally posted by PAUL9

Originally posted by BruceM

notice also that the 06.50 is a low time spot !!!

low time from where, what day?
oh yeah...ya gotta walk before ya run.....I've been researching options for years but at a snails pace.....the thing that I find so great about the options is that it is all based on statistics and sure doesn't mean that the trades will all work but it it is quite different then the discretion I use in my day trading.....but I think you are doing the right thing..........stay the course u r on ..........I'm hoping to have a portfolio of short term and long term I'm looking at longer time frame ideas too like iron condors and all that other cool stuff....the TOS software is really cool too but I'm gonna keep my IB account for my ES trades.....
Originally posted by NewKid

Bruce, this sure sounds interesting. I am still getting a hang of the index futures so do not want to attempt to learn too many things right now and confuse myself. I hope that soon I will feel secure about my futures trading so i can take a look at options!
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