Has anyone tried WindoTrader Market Profile software ? I would like to get the feedback from members here about their software and support, before I subscribe to them.


We have a software review section on the site. Unfortunately nobody has reviewed WindoTrader yet. If anybody has used WindoTrader then please submit a review here and then post a reply to this topic that you've given feedback. That way we can compare trading software side-by-side. Thanks!
I'm not a WindoTrader user but I saw it on one of J Dalton's webinars.
It got features similar to MarketDelta, ie. giving you information on the number of contracts
traded on every price level. If you like reading volumes in realtime or ultra-scalper this may
suit you. I think its a good software from what I saw on the webinar. The only thing it's a bit
pricey for me.
I've never used WIndoTrader, but I have seen the subscription rate...WindoTrader is too expensive..
I think Market Delta is too expensive, too.
I use Sierra Charts fed with IB data. (Sierra Plan 5 for $40 a month)

If you are just interesting in learning the Market Profile, Sierra with an IB feed might be good for you... BUT, if you are also interested in things like the footprints and the cumulative delta, you will have to pay for expensive data...
Technically, you cannot use IB data to generate correct foot prints or cumulative delta bars because of the way IB breaks up the data to send it out...But guess what, after seriously looking at foot prints and cumulative delta measures at least 4 different times (for months and months each time), over the course of the past 5 years, and paying ridiculous subscription fees for DTN IQ tick by tick data, I can tell you I have not seen ANY advantage in those measures of the market so I don't look at them and that means I don't have to pay for the tick by tick data.

I know, I hear about this guys room or that guys room where he relies on those footprints... well, after years of frustration unable to find anything consistently profitable in the footprints or the cum delta, I actually took a free trial in a room where the guy claimed mastery of the footprints... all he did was scalp noise..

I know many people think that there is greater insight with seeing every single tick in the market. Well, I say Baloney. For every buyer there is a seller, each with their own reasons for buying or selling so it is more important to me to have an understanding of where the most recent battle lines are drawn and who won those battles...
Where are the swing failures, the double bottoms, the prior H,L,, the naked POCs , the Value areas... what is the shape of the profile, where are the singles, is it a double distribution...those are the important things to me...not knowing exactly how many contracts transacted at the bid or the ask... if price at a certain level generates a lot of volume and prices fall from that level, guess what? Sellers were more aggressive than buyers there because the sellers kept feeding contracts to the buyers until there were no more willing buyers at a certain price so price had to drop to entice a new set of buyers (at a cheaper price).....

Getting a good grounding in Market Profile takes time, and if you are just starting, you might consider bare bones on expenses until you have become more familiar with the various profiles and what they can mean...(and what they look like as they develop real-time, you don't need tick by tick for that), you'll be overwhelmed with indecision...
you don't need fancy software for that... and you don't need to be looking at footprints or cumulative delta... get grounded n the basics of Market Profile first, then if you think you'll be helped by staring at little rectangles with numbers in them, fine, do it after you haven't spent a couple of thousand dollars a year just becoming familiar with marklet profile.. .

Of course now, that's just my opinion...
yeah, i did. i think it was good. i want to work with it more
Previously I used SierraChart for TPO profile but now I switched to another platform.