ES 4-27-15

here's how I see it...lots of poor structure below including double low at Fridays lows.......started shorts at 2117.50 and will add in RTH at R2 if needed near 19.50...we have lots of confluence in the 2110.75 - 2113 area...including pivot points, Poc's ...On midpoint that is ultimate magnet zone....hoping for a weak bounce off of last weeks highs when they come down to test that ( assuming they will) but that is also near R1 today so we have a weekly high ,a daily high and an R1 all at the same place.....could be quite a battle there

No video below? Try this link: Monday.swf

very funny Paul.....but afraid nobody is here and I can't blame them...we lack consistency....can't expect people to just show up...but maybe some will find this useful later on after they are done trading
took all runners off except two contracts at R1 retest and trying to hold for the 11 - 12.75 area
taking one off at last weeks highs again...just not sure how long they want to play there...holding one...
Nice trading plan Bruce, not trading, just watching you tear them up...
thanks for the supporting comments sharks !!