ES 4-27-15

here's how I see it...lots of poor structure below including double low at Fridays lows.......started shorts at 2117.50 and will add in RTH at R2 if needed near 19.50...we have lots of confluence in the 2110.75 - 2113 area...including pivot points, Poc's ...On midpoint that is ultimate magnet zone....hoping for a weak bounce off of last weeks highs when they come down to test that ( assuming they will) but that is also near R1 today so we have a weekly high ,a daily high and an R1 all at the same place.....could be quite a battle there

No video below? Try this link: Monday.swf

using 16,25 as a first target now
secondary target is 12,75 for me but we need to resolve last weeks high and that may be a battle
14 was our midpoint so scale if ya got em to scale.......
There used to be a guy named Bruce who posted here regularly.
If he drops in, He's going to be upset that you have come on here and posted a video just like he used to, and made comments ahead of trades, just like he used to..


Bruce is back...
ANd this morning I was going to plead with the readers and lurkers to put your hands on the video screen and we could all sing together KUMBAYA, Bruce

Guess I don't have to now.
starting new sells at On highs but am willing to add on at 22 - 23 if it comes...weekly R1 and 1 sd daily band is there....
targeting 17.50 on any shorts near On highs
17,50 is first 30 minute vpoc on my data...
now we can all hear dalton saying " if OTF players were in here they wouldn't care open the open print or the Overnight high...they would just blow through it and keep going"
but we need $ticks to start printing below zero if our short trades are reallyu gonna go anywhere up here
so here we have yet another "P" pattern trying to form today...expecting multiple TPO's at last weeks highs....just not sure when ...hence adding to put spreads
thanks for the supporting comments sharks !!