UNREAL, IMF Tries to Influence US FED policy

Bloomberg just announced that (apparently) Christine Lagarde (Managing Director of IMF) suggests (in a report) that the US FED should hold off on raising rates until the first half of 2016.
I can't find anything on their site: www.imf.org
I just watched Lagarde on live TV through Bloomberg. She had a press conference, she was reading a report they (The IMF) had put together assessing the world's economies.

LOOK AT THE VOLUME on 1 minute bars... NO ONE WANTS to trade.
What a riot.
This is the kind of day you have to wait to see a single minute bar with the highest volume of the RTH before you consider a possible washout.
This is sick, and I am only an observer.
on 1 minute bars, price has crossed the opening price 9 times.so far.
day trading bloomberg has it
Is last week's Low of 2096.00 calling to the market? is this weeks low of 2096.25 calling to the market.
Or is this a DB right now? at 98.50. I still haven't seen huge capitulation volume yet, but I know that does not have to happen.

The other day, shadow trader said that if price came back down to the 2096.00 level and undercut it.... that would be a short. (I think he rationalized this by saying if price undercuts that level it means that the same people who were buyers at 96.25 (back on Tuesday), were no longer interested in longing it..
Bloomberg just reported that Greece is rejecting the proposals on the table and stands by it's own proposal... Believe me, I don't follow this stuff, but this could have been a contributing factor to the recent weakness below 94.25