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I have no intention of making a "personal" response and since someone has blocked the ability to use the reply button to your recent post this is the only way I know to reach you. I want to keep this as public as possible and deep down so do you. Our emails in the past have left me with empty promises, I still have emails were you tell me that taking down your site is going to be a slow process. Well, here it is 4 - 5 years later and your still selling stuff from that same site ( it's never been taken down) and I would assume you are still mentoring "private" clients. Your favorite way of teaching. So I guess it really has been a slow process You also never posted the public charts you said you would and I find it funny that you just want to gloss over that. And now your expecting something from me ? How strange ! I found that last post full of ego and arrogance. You should also go back and actually read the fib grid as it has no mention of decimal places or fractions and doesn't use highs or lows to calculate fibonacci lines. That's because they are not fibonacci lines. . That title was just my way of being a wise ass ( people are fibbing if they try to sell you stuff about fibs)as I have never heard of anyone using fibs to make money on a consistent basis. As far as Gann goes you can read what Larry Williams found out about Gann when he met his son and a guy who worked for him. Pure fluff but people still buy into it.

So it doesn't take a genius to realize ahead of time that I am not about to give up my time to validate you JIm. You are getting caught up on wanting to get credit for a number. Some .88 decimal thing or something. Lets have you validate yourself to us. Just scan in 4 years of verified trading statements. You will then have the honor of being one of the one percent ( not even sure if it would be that high )of people selling trading information that can actually back up their claims. Or just take some white out and get rid of your account stuff, scan them in and then all the world can see. You will have the validation you seem to be looking for.They can be quarterly or whatever you want. You obviously have tons of time if you are the one with the most posts and can write so much . So this should be a small task.

I have absolutely no interest in your material. So lets not drag this on and have you keep us waiting for years to get us those statements. You know that I am always suspicious of posts from people that need to keep their name out there. That's a given. It doesn't take a genius to know I would think that.

Let's not insult the forum anymore with this. Just post the statements and put and end to it. Anything less just implies that you are stalling and trying to redirect peoples attention. Oh yeah, one last thing .."wealthy" is a relative term so don't get so hung up on that.

Don't want to touch this one, eh, Bruce?

Originally posted by jimkane

I think this should put this whole thing to rest. I plan to lock this thread soon because this all has to stop. In trading one of my most famous sayings is “Without ‘context’, you have nothing.” I think I could also mention a few other sayings before I start. 'Those facts, they are a b%#$&', and 'Context, it can be a real b%#$&'.

Let’s look at the quote Bruce is endlessly bringing up, the one he says shows I’m a liar, and lack any credibility for not doing what I say. There were multiple pages telling, in the usual Jim Kane fashion (endlessly long and wordy), the entire story with my dad before what you see here. I then went on here to summarize it a bit. In here is the quote Bruce cut and pasted, with no context. Read this, and then we’ll look at Bruce’s response. I will highlight in red what he posted in this thread, his reason for saying I’m a liar and have lost all credibility as a man in his eyes.

jimkane wrote on 17-Mar-11 6:50:10 PM EST:

This whole website and book thing was ‘our’ project, the thing my dad and I shared until he died. The only link I feel I have left with him. He created the website, he did the book covers. I’ll never forget the look on his face when I told him to dump the old website he put so much in to. Now, I’m going to dump all this. I have been planning and working on it for awhile. You don’t follow the website, so you don’t know the facts. I was writing the commentary daily. Then I went to twice weekly. Then I went to weekly. Then I went to monthly. Then I went to no commentary. I used to run a members service, then I dropped it. I used to sell the books separately, many trips to the post office, but that was more than I wanted to do, so I went to full sets only. My sales dropped off a cliff. Nowadays I have gone as long as four months without a sale. I used to have people come to me in person to mentor. About two years ago I went to remote only. But since I have essentially zero human contact and rarely leave the house at all, that was a good thing for me. Now I only do remote. How many students? I might do two a year. And since many students want to keep working with me, one for six years now, I can’t take on a new one unless one drops out. So, I haven’t added a new student for I can’t recall, well over a year? Wow, some vendor business.

Bottom line is, I have been phasing it out, it’s been in progress, but cutting the final cord, thinking about looking up and saying to my dad, here it goes, dad, I’m doing it to you again, I don’t care about this project, I don’t care that we did this together, Bruce has really made me see it’s time, well, that is something I just can’t make myself do yet. When my dad died he was wearing a T-shirt my better half and I picked out for him from up here. I asked the funeral home what he was wearing. I asked that they save his clothes, as I wanted to keep that. When I got his ashes, the guy gave me a bag with the clothes in it. It has been in that bag, in the same exact spot in my closet, since 2006. Every year I say I will open it, wash the shirt and hang it in the closet. It is coming up on five years and I can’t do it. I don’t know if I ever will be able to. A piece of my chest was ripped out that day, and I doubt I’ll ever remotely recover from it. And you want to push me into taking down my website, goading me, trying to make it seem like I have an ulterior motive, my true motives being I’m really a vendor in disguise. I’m not a vendor, I’m a guy who did a project with his dad who thought he might be able to help some people, and the project took on a life of its own. And now, for personal reasons, it’s hard for me to take the final step. That’s all.

BruceM wrote on 22-Mar-11 9:54:59 PM EST:

Hi Jim,

We did "speak" about your dad and your moving nightmare when we last communicated through email and I actually "get it". I completely understand where you are coming from.......that website sounds as if it was an intense experience on many levels and a real bonding process for you and your dad. That would be hard to let go of so I see why you have been hesitant to break away from it. That makes sense to me. Thanks for explaining that in detail. It actually drove home the point to me so lets leave that at that.


A) I don’t quite see where I ‘promised’ Bruce I was taking it down. It seems as though I described where I was at at the time, in an open and honest manner.

B) It seems as though Bruce totally understood that, and was fine with it.

Now seriously, folks, how does the above exchange translate into I’m a liar and have no credibility with Bruce, especially as a vendor, because I didn’t do what I ‘promised’ him. Those facts and context truly are a b%#$&. Now, I’m begging everyone in the name of all that’s holy, can we please stop this? Please?
Okay, when doing any coding, for example in here, to make something italics, you do an italics tag. i starts the italics. The you must do close tag, so you tell it to stop by doing /i. The slash tells it to 'close' it. The same for a video link, or an image, or whatever. People were making posts in various venues that were heavily sarcastic to make points, and some people thought they were serious, and made comments like they didn't understand it was sarcastic. So, someone invented the 'sarc tag'. The common usage is not to 'open' with the tag, just to close it at the end. I did both, just to make it super obvious. For example:

I can't get over what a great crop of politicians we have running this year. /sarc

Now look below, where I highlighted in red. Seriously? You didn't see that, didn't get that, and are now posting like that was meant to be taken seriously? It was done to make a point. Statements are totally irrelevant to the topic of this thread: that I am willing to show you my market turn calls.

Okay, a guy goes into a bar...blah, blah, blah... and then he says 'I'll do it on Tuesday'. You don't find that funny? Okay, let me explain it to you. You see, the guy says...

Oh, frickin' brother.

Originally posted by jimkane

...Let me really go wild/sarc here before we end this thread. I am not going to produce any statements because I never claimed I have ever traded in my life. Let's go even further and say I have never traded in my life. Not one trade. What I am saying is that I spent about 54,000 hours so far just playing around looking at the market. I learned a lot of things, one of them calling market turns in advance. That's my opinion anyway. I think what I learned is useful to some people. If they pay me, I'll try to teach them some of what I learned, like how I call market turns in advance. I do this in my forum, so someone can watch me for years if they want, to see if they think I have anything to teach them. I surely can't do it myself. After all, I've never actually taken a trade in my life. Those who can, do, those who can't, teach. I can't do it, so I teach. I wish I had statements, but I can't produce them because, as Bruce has now shown, I can't trade at all.

I think I can call market turns, though. I think I can show people the techniques I use to call market turns. I have demonstrated that in a place where people may be interested. There is no point to doing it out here, because no one out here is ever going to work with me. But, I wanted to offer to Bruce to see me do it, see my track record. It's the only track record I have, since I have no statements. Bruce made that clear. Maybe some day I'll trade, but right now I just like posting all day in my forum. I know if I saw someone call endless market turns all day in a free forum where I could ask him any questions and he'd answer them all I'd care about, too, was seeing his statements before I asked those questions or tried those techniques out. /sarc
This is exactly what I pointed out whle referring his 'discussion' technique to Schopenhauer... Same old, same old...
I will refer to his 'answers' tomorrow, but his method is pretty simple - try to make everything look as an absurd and ignore basic facts you indicated, Jim.
That is one more reason why people follow your posts, not his....
Originally posted by jimkane

Doesn't anyone find this beyond bizarre? I clearly posted the entire context of the pulling the site quote, and that definitively puts that one to bed. Bruce is completely ignoring that and rambling on about the same things, an issue that is now put to bed. I guess I have to find and quote the sarc tag so everyone can understand that. Then I'll ask Guy to lock this thread, because this is just getting twisted.
I'm guessing Bruce will not reply at all to the key post I just re-quoted there, but his absence all of the sudden has me thinking he is scouring all those emails right now, looking for anything to trip me up. Just one little thing I said incidentally that he can conflict me on. I just want him to reply so I can post a request to Guy to lock this. I don't want to lock it up until we all get to see how he addresses that post.
Bruce, you are still missing one basic question. Read carefully Jim's posts, referring to your e-mail discussion and indicate, in which point Jim promised you to get this site closed.
sure I'll get to that and more after you answer my Contractor question. Will it be contractor A or B to work on your home. I've been kind enough to address all of your questions but lets start with the contractor question...then you can address my other questions from my replies. It wouldn't be right or fair to you to throw around generalizations about typical vendors without backing it go for it....then we can have the grand final soon...and I will address the post you refer to can't expect life to keep giving to you without giving back could you ?
Originally posted by MarcinO

Bruce, you are still missing one basic question. Read carefully Jim's posts, referring to your e-mail discussion and indicate, in which point Jim promised you to get this site closed.
Okay, Bruce is going to keep going and ignoring my posts and the salient points that are relevant to this thread, so Guy, can you go ahead and lock this one down. I think what is going on is clear to everyone who is reading this. Thanks, Guy.

This thread is now closed.

This is my forum in here, no matter who starts the thread. I closed this topic. Posting after that is showing no respect. The only reason it isn't already locked is there were some forum changes and moderators can't lock it right now, so we are waiting on Guy. Please stop posting. If you want to continue this discussion go outside the Kane Trading forum area and start a new thread out there.