ES Wednesday 5-11-16

rearranged some things to trade for Overnight midpoint...started at 76 print in overnight and using 74 as target....entire 72.50 - 74 is magnet zone in early trade.pivot is at 73 .here is price action chart...Overnight low at 69 area goes well with low time from YD...other area of confluence are 85 - 86.50...poor high on yesterdays profile too...will edit to add some charts

price action chart. note how YD was a series of 3 - 4 different bell curves

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yesterdays profile..note annomolies at "I, H and D"...a sloppy profile....and matching prints at the "M,N" high

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and a look at what is above YD highs if they push

we have low tpo's at 80.50 and then again at 84.50.....R1 is 85 today and 1/2 SD band up is 84.50 - 86.50 is a good upper zone..

It will be interesting if they can actually push to one of the daily SITYS zones at 86.50 or money is on the 71.75 test

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whats above
here's how the lines played out...these are from Yesterday on today's chart..I have yet to snap new lines from today chart as over an hour left in RTH so they are the same ones posted above in post one....expecting a possible pop up ( a bit of one ) to unfold as One SD band down comes in at 2064 16 % of the time we will close below there...not trading it...just happen to stop by the computer...good luck late day traders...I think many would want to see them push it back up into the 67 area but what do I know..? me and late day trades don't go too well!
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