ES Monday 6-20-16

Keyareas I am watching

2088 - 2090

2085 - magnet price and weekly R1 ( I like this as a target today)


keep in mind we should see either the daily R3 up at 2090 or the daily R2 print way down at 2075 today based on statistics. Sorry but no time for screen shots...anything over 2087 puts us 1.5 SD's up on the our I prefer to look for sells above there today. Video goes over other confluent areas...good luck
No video below? Try this link: monday_lines.swf

on my last try from upper zone....still would like runners to get that 85 retest but that On high keeps getting in my way...either way it was a good day considering I goofed first exit today....this is last campaign of the day for me...knowing those 30 minute Vpoc's can really help....that confirmed for me that all the volume was coming in at the On high extreme;
this current high is better than the high put in at the 9:42 - 9:46 time frame.. better than earlier due to impulse selling and less matching tops on the one minute time frame...small ledge at 86.25 volume isn't great based on the fact they can leave ledges on one minute bars there....hoping the lack of volume lets this drift back down now
if I was holding more I would still try for that midpoint but I would have just set a stop on last and get away from magnets today but it took longer then expected but at least it came back....we basically opened and drove up to key areas ( it;s never exact) and also plus 4 - 5.5 pitbull zone and rolled from there....just passing along some pitbull confluence.....if it midpoint doesn't print by days end then you know where my focus will be tomorrow without even posting... a midpoint failure 3 days in a row is very rare...
well we ended up getting it late in the day! good trading as always Bruce