ES Wednesday 6-29-16

two videos which go over the key areas and some challenges with JUST using the one minute time profile. I'll finalize numbers in the a.m with pivots and overnight action...for those who don't have 9 - 10 minutes to hear me ramble then at least keep in mind that tomorrow ( I'm making this and typing it on Tuesday night)will be the third day in a row of no O/N midpoint if it fails on Wednesday

No video below? Try this link: wednesday_part_1.swf

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EDIT : 8:23 E.S.T Wednesday morning

The key numbers I am using this morning are

2023, 2030, 2037, 2042 and 45.50- 2047..this last one is a zone to aggressive early trader could be selling the 42 area
I edited above post at the bottom to include numbers I think are most important today
r2 is 44 today and r1 is magnet is the 36 - 37 area today especially since we had two failed overnight longs for me.....I don't mind being focused on only shorts given midpoint probabilities....and will try to hold for midpoint if given the chance
it's a bit early as i would prefer to start trading after 9 a.m but I am selling into 45 and will add if we print 47 only...above 47 I have 51.75 - 53 as another key zone...I mention it only in case they actually can push that far today...I don't think that will happen ....shorts from the 45 - 47 area will target other number below at 42.....just want to trade the numbers still even though probabilities are in the back on my mind
one last video today of how I'm using the overnight to refine areas and confirm.....basically speaks to the 33 and the 36.75....much of this comes down to how close or how many numbers you want on your chart
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my plan is to start day session shorts above overnight highs in key 45 - 47 close to 47 as possible and go for 42 again first
going to have to change target to the r1 at 44 as that is also the open print...
we need to digest our 42.50 line if we are gonna have a chance at the 36 - 37 area and even the midpoint........seems too easy so far....skeptical!
a look at the battle of our upper lines so far
Click image for original size
30 min VPOC at 46 even. looks like we are going to open right there.
one minute poc has flipped from high to low and now back to highs...we need the sellers to step it up a bit now ....failure at the 47 would try to push to that 51 area and I don't want that...that 10:30 oil report has really been messing traders up.....many seem to wait for that lately.....what we don't want to see is much consolidation above the 44 - 45 area....that is the ledge from 6-24 , the open and the r2 today...also the overnight lets get a move on it
3 sets of singles on the chart...just a matter of time before that upper one at 55 fills in but pick your spot carefully on such a trend day...just pointing it out....