ES Monday 7-11-16

No overnight midpoint test on Friday so I expect one during Mondays trade.

Key numbers

2129.50 - r1

2122- 2123,50 - selling tail and Va high

2115.50 - 2118.50 *****critical volume, singles and daily pivot in here - 3 point zone bears will have to get beyond

2113.75 single prints

2008.75 - 2011 - VA low and other critical volume node ******a previous weekly high comes in here too

so this chart is showing the market profile from Friday and the volume overlaid on it We have three sets of singles on the chart and it is an ugly incomplete profile...I would not be surprised to see them try to fill in some of these areas over the next day or two but as usual I will just be trading the lines

Click image for original size
took short at 28.75 looking for overnight midpoint test at 26.50
I'm with ya duck and starting small in overnight...I'd really like to get better sells above the R1 level this morning but not sure that's gonna happen....but 29.50 is key line up here and that midpoint is a great target todayi
i got a feeling this is going to pop up to the rat at 31.25.then down to test 26.50
could be a mistake but i cover at 27.75. looking to sell the rat at 31.25
short the rat 31.25
one cover at 30.25 stop on last one 32.25
c'mon bruce start that heavy selling of yours
short again at 30.75 stop at 32.75
took one minute high looking short for retest of 2129....may need to add above Overnight high but lots of volume is at first one minute bar
cover one at 29.75 stop on last at 31.50
pigs get slaughter out at 30.50 enjoy the day bruce