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ES Monday 9-19-16

we don't have the benefit of the overnight yet and this is being posted on Sunday but these are the key levels so far i will be working with ...also an explanation of gaps in the data is here.....
No video below? Try this link: For_Monday.swf

some more information on volume which might point to a bigger down move in spx......

No video below? Try this link: spx.swf

from 2000 - 2015 the SPX has had some floor trader WEEKLY number trade and hit 97 % of the time.....the weeks that had no test or only one test of some number saw the following week have at least TWO numbers hit !

From 2010 - 2015 the ES futures back adjusted December contract has hit some number 96 % of the time on a weekly basis!

From 2002 to the present 99 % of the time in spx we hit some Monthly number
one gone at 43 stop at 41.50 last one
way to go Duck !!
first target for me is going to be 41 even but first they may need to take out overnight highs and of course I just may be plain wrong and they will be on the moonshot to go get that average in price is 43.25
exit last at 44
Way to Go...Good trading Duck
you rocked it turn off trading software.....and be happy ( that you aren't me) !! ha ! I took losses at 45.25 and will try once more at 46.50...that is midpoint of R2 and r3 today...trying an experiment today...which may get ugly...I'd like to see a 44 retest to get back first loss but this may be the grinder
hindsight says i should of trail my stop up on the 1 mn chart ..stop would be 45 now...ah why is so much easier to hold a loser than a winner..
better to take the money at the targets and be grateful........
Originally posted by duck

hindsight says i should of trail my stop up on the 1 mn chart ..stop would be 45 now...ah why is so much easier to hold a loser than a winner..
even numbers are the worst...I'm scaling heavy to make up for first loss....will try to hold runners for 42.50 if lucky to turn the day green ...want this to stay under last Thursday high as long as possible now...still expecting two floor trader numbers and so far based on just that idea it might actually be the 52.25.....I'd prefer to see us get back under the 41 and then maybe even have a chance for the 36 area...that seems like a long way off and it could take all day for either of those ideas to play out
if you look at your one minute data you will see that at a price of 42 there was no price bar that is a low time area......
fascinating huh ? I think as long as 32.50 - 33 holds back any drop now they will go " clean up " that 37 area too...not trading either
Originally posted by duck

i got 3 gap in at 35 two at 37 and three at 37.75..just pointing them out not trading
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