ES Monday 9-19-16

we don't have the benefit of the overnight yet and this is being posted on Sunday but these are the key levels so far i will be working with ...also an explanation of gaps in the data is here.....
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some more information on volume which might point to a bigger down move in spx......

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from 2000 - 2015 the SPX has had some floor trader WEEKLY number trade and hit 97 % of the time.....the weeks that had no test or only one test of some number saw the following week have at least TWO numbers hit !

From 2010 - 2015 the ES futures back adjusted December contract has hit some number 96 % of the time on a weekly basis!

From 2002 to the present 99 % of the time in spx we hit some Monthly number
do you consider the high of the day a good one or bad one? and yes i understand and grateful to take money at targets..just that hindsight trading mess with the i know as short term trader you have to trade from one area to other be ok over the long haul..but that all is easier said than done for me..but since i discover this site i have improve..i see you just got your 42.50 target..nice trade
very on the day and back to R2....stop on last runner is at 46.50....I'm either gonna get stopped or will go try for 37.25........want to keep final target at new lows but above offical R1 level just in case they want to torture us.........that was getting 20 minutes it will 11 a.m but I am gonna let this one be and not micro manage

Duck with the Trade of the Day................killer stuff
I think the high looks ok considering this volatility...we have a potential selling tail on 30 minute and the one minute shows no matching highs...of course anything is possible but that is how I see it
I had this crazy dream....I was watching a price chart and I was short and all of a sudden the market took off going straight up off the computer just like one of those kids rockets with all that thrust and power...the computer screen couldn't contain the price action and I could see the prices going up into the air.......whew......crazy [email protected] that said I'll leave with this clip today.......

wow...who decided to dump their longs..? just who are these people ? well, I tip my hat to you and thank you...that's two levels.......for those interested...any day ( not just monthly and weekly) following a day that sees only one floor trader number print usually sees at least two levels hit......that makes sense because if we only have one number hit then we have most likely consolidated a the next day expands at least to get two levels generated from a low range day.........for those holding you may want to think about probabilities with the weekly will either be 54 or 32 that prints this week

gap in the data at 37.75 but keep in mind that it is generated after the first 90 minutes....good luck from here
i got 3 gap in at 35 two at 37 and three at 37.75..just pointing them out not trading
fascinating huh ? I think as long as 32.50 - 33 holds back any drop now they will go " clean up " that 37 area too...not trading either
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i got 3 gap in at 35 two at 37 and three at 37.75..just pointing them out not trading