Es 9-23-16

Some brain dumps and didn't have enough time to clean up the goof ups and mess ups....first video is making the case that often continuous contract data can come up with numbers that line up with the regular contract but for different reasons......for example, Va highs or lows from one contract may be a poc or a swing low from the other contract's cool how they can do that
No video below? Try this link: brain_dump_one.swf

No video below? Try this link: brain_dump_part_two.swf

Good luck on Friday might not be home to trade on the open
ideally I'd like to trade for pivot and gap close fill at 68.25...obviously the lower number of 64 will have to hold any price decline and if that gives way then we may be in store for the 58 - 59 area
sell stop at 63 cause OR
forgot about the 62.50 number ..I will try one more long from is also midpoint of pivot and R1....risky as we know two floor numbers will print
60.50 target
scaling out quick today......had a two point and now a 1.5 point win....really want to get that 68 but runners can't work any magic...overnight low at 63.25 is a concern for longs now////like to see them get back and stay back over otherwise runners will fail again....not aggressive today.....that low range day YD could lead to a real breakout or breakdown and don't want to be on the wrong side...especially if they decide to run it short for wednesdays highs...we also need to get back into yesterdays range...see my video for why 62 was also a number....damn....lots of numbers between 62 and 64...tricky stuff indeed
nobody know what to do with the s1 and yesterdays low still...including me....
easy to hold a loser for me .lol
well i exit at 62.75
reversing at 63.50 now to try for poor low
I will reverse back to long if they take out the OR high but this is horrible trade far I cannot tell if this buildup of time under YD's low is good for shorts.....sure seems like it's struggling to go down...conflicted in this crappy trade environment
just checking in...there is a gap at 63 even....not trading but if YOU find a long you might think about it