Es 9-23-16

Some brain dumps and didn't have enough time to clean up the goof ups and mess ups....first video is making the case that often continuous contract data can come up with numbers that line up with the regular contract but for different reasons......for example, Va highs or lows from one contract may be a poc or a swing low from the other contract's cool how they can do that
No video below? Try this link: brain_dump_one.swf

No video below? Try this link: brain_dump_part_two.swf

Good luck on Friday might not be home to trade on the open
i have gap in data at 64.75
I took small loser on last campaign of the day....just not worth sitting through this...try one more long as there is a gap in data at 63.75 and we are at lower end of the channel
this is gonna be it for is channel and gap in the data at 63.75.......have a good weekend...hoping to take a 1.25 point win to make up for last loss
Click image for original size
out heavy at 65 print on runner.....done now...that s1 is a super magnet today....especially since it goes so well with YD's low
enjoy the weekend bruce
just checking in...there is a gap at 63 even....not trading but if YOU find a long you might think about it