ES Tuesday 10-11-16

I'd like to trade back up to 54.75 as a target from down at 52 area.....that was mentioned on Mondays midpoint test Yesterday...... failure at the 52 goes for the obvious time node back down at 48 - 49......which I think will print today but I'd like to see a pop UP first and then a rollover down to get that 48 - 49...not much else to say general I am watching the 54.75 - 56 carefully this morningj
finals are both coming out at 34.75 ...still gap in data at 36.75 but I HATE the last 15 minutes and now green on the day but a TERRIBLE investment of time today......luckily laptop and charts were by my indoor painting project....those windows I put in have to be painted by somebody and it might as well be me