ES Tuesday 10-11-16

I'd like to trade back up to 54.75 as a target from down at 52 area.....that was mentioned on Mondays midpoint test Yesterday...... failure at the 52 goes for the obvious time node back down at 48 - 49......which I think will print today but I'd like to see a pop UP first and then a rollover down to get that 48 - 49...not much else to say general I am watching the 54.75 - 56 carefully this morningj
Greenies and past VPOC at 49.25. Looking at that right now to get long if they give it

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I'm looking to buy 44 to try and target back to 46.50....if wrong then we can see all that time down at 40 - 41 that sellers would push for...once again will not be averaging in...low volume trade conditions....longs are all aggressive because we are under that 48 and they didn't just blow through retest odds aren't in our favor
2 small failed buys so far today...last one missed target by one tic and came back and took stop...on the 41 long now and will scale in to 40 even......getting back under Fridays lows will most likely be my Uncle point...targeting 43.50 and if lucky will need to come out heavier up front to make up for first two patience in this low volume......
I added at 40......just looking for 41.50 to clean up some losers.......but I know that low from friday lurks close by
43.25 and 44.50 retests would make my morning on runners but this is difficult trade when nobody is here
Bruce, is the ES volume lower than normal today? Are you able to quantify that or just an observation?
just an observation based on my histogram volume.....runners obviously stopped taking one last long at 35 for 37.50 retest and then gap in the data way up at 41...keeping this very small and a wider stop...
i have been wrong all day today and my account has taken a hit unfortunately. this is what i get for breaking my own rules. thanks for the reply Bruce. the reason i asked was that FT71 usually looks at average volume over 20 days and comapres the day's volume to it. i was wondering if you were doing the same or just an observation. thanks.
this is what over confidence does to an account..

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ouch duck. i feel the pain. i am not doing so hot today either. it's ok, we will get better!
finals are both coming out at 34.75 ...still gap in data at 36.75 but I HATE the last 15 minutes and now green on the day but a TERRIBLE investment of time today......luckily laptop and charts were by my indoor painting project....those windows I put in have to be painted by somebody and it might as well be me