ES Monday 10-24-16

I'm expecting and will be trading for a retest of last weeks highs at the 42.50 area.....R2 comes in at 45 so sells above there is my preference in early trade.....the only thing that will get me nervous is if we start consolidating in the 48 - 50 area without pulling that is another zone for me... Ideal would be to see the 42.50 and then 40 even and call it a day......Mondays the worst odds for midpoint tests but I do think we will see the 42.50 get tested
revising first now my plan is to sell up at 47 - 48 with a retest of 45.25 as part of the plan...will also sell near 50.50 also but no add on trades......just small tries and exits when wrong quickly
open print got in the way of finals...but I'm thinking that the buyers will still need to be very strong to get it to R3 and I think that is a low probability up at I still like the sell ideas and we are still under I'm not giving up short ideas
a close up of FRiday the 7th of OCtober and then Tuesday the 11th of October....note how on Tuesday we left single prints and pushed right through that 48 ( the poc with red arrow pointing to it ) from Friday the 7th ....that is the key spot for me...especially given where last nights overnight high is.....this is the line that will decide if we get our 45.25 retest or the buyers take over and possibly push all the way up above 53 on the way to 58 today..
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$tick made lower highs on that push to new highs...hoping we are good to go ( down) now
hate these small one minute bars...leaving only one runner to try and get 42.50...otherwise done for today...47,50 stops this out....have a good day....this was a good webinar ....classic simple stuff and some essentials....ESPECIALLY if you trade outside the first hour......these are old ideas but have stood the test of time...enjoy