ES Wednesday 10-26-16

lines that show the most promise today.....I forgot to mention if we start consolidating below the 29 - 30 then we have the potential to see the obvious 26 but more important would be the 23 price as that is a swing low and also splits the S2 and S3 numbers today......what I'd really like to see is price open and firm up in either the 26 or 29 - 30 and rally......and I'd like to see the ad line hitting under 1500 as this dip down happens......
No video below? Try this link: lines.swf

starting small longs at 28.25......we have good probabilities they will get a floor number and I think it will be 29.25 before the S3 way down at 2118
starting rth longs at 26.25...with target at 29
ad line below 1500 on open
I'd like to see 27 hold now in order to get to 33.50
market made new lows but $ tick didn't..there may be some underlying strength in here to warrant one more long try now
you got the gap in data at 30?
no gap on rth line and tick trying for higher lows so prefer long side still...difficult to hold anything as $tick making new highs but not price...but at least tick is trying to get above zero
this thing is just stuck between our two key line/ zones...that 29 - 30 and that 26......somebodies gotta give up soon and I hope it's those defending that 29 - 30 zone to launch us up to 33!...multiple tries to come out of the Overnight low and then back into that range..I won't try again on longs if we come out and new lows...that will be it for me today
c'mon...lets get this over that s2 level and far not getting much outta these additional trades...series of small wins. small losses and stop outs on runners,,,first trade was the best trade so far...those matching tops at 29.25 are suspicious to me and I couldn't get short with those there even though $ticks have been under zero for most of the session so longs are all coming in off the 26 - 26.50 keying off the oevrnigh low
buying spy calls now and if 2118 prints on ES...November 2 at .55
if still trading the only thing I would look for is a $tick and volume divergence into 34- 36 and take a try and the short or at the very least flatten any additinla longs if u were holding anything...ok...NOW I really am done babbling...