ES Friday 11-4-16

some good confluence today ...Pivot goes with a high time spot from yesterday at 87.25 and R1 goes well with official one minute POC at 95 area...between that we have low time at 90 - 91.....I'm going to try small sells at 87.25 for a 85 retest in Overnight.......but in rth I will try sells at the 87.25 , the 90 - 91 zone and the 95 if needed....I don't plan on trading heavy or making it a big long day today....not on a Friday.....

here is a chart which shows most of the lines...that 85 - 87 is most important today as it make sup a low time and high time combination zone....if that makes sense!!!!
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EDIT : how the overnight is playing out against the numbers so far...all time/volume in Overnight is at 84 area...

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Looks like the market went in your direction for your Puts Bruce..Nice hedge trade

wouldn't u know it that almost as soon as I got the amp fired up and guitar plugged in I could hear the garage door open and my wife came home earlier than expected.........she broke the rules and should have entered 3- 5 points away from the gap in the data........she said she entered on the way back is a screen shot of the gap
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Mrs. BruceM gap trade long from 83.50 for 85.50