ES Tuesday 11-8-16

Don't really like any long side commitment today but we are opening under YD close it seems and most of the overnight inventory is midpoint YD so today might be the day to go for that...The only thing I see would be a small long off the POC at 23 or the va low and begining of low time at 18.50.....some might be working off current overnight low at 21 but I'd prefer to see the 18- 19 instead.

here are other thoughts and rambles on weak context etc...I would have rather seen a gap higher open today to sell into but that isn't happening

No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

calls I added dropped 22 % in value from where I sold them to somebody so buying them back at gap fill.....
Thinkorswim has it at $TICK

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Bruce when you have a moment can you please guide me in the right direction...I,m looking at how to place tick indicator on my charts but cant find it,,I use Interactive Broker Charts btw.. and also have ninja trader program and cant find it there either for some reason,,,, maybe called something else with them??? Brent.T
Thanks Big Mike