ES 5-5-17

First sell area is in the 2390 - 91 area to try and target the 2387.75...I'm working on a video and making a lot of goofs...I must be I'll edit this with video soon....R2 is up at 95.25...I think I forgot to mention that on the video

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as much as I wouldn't like it to , I would not be surprised to see the first push up above the O/N high in RTH to shake out any shorts....either way watch that overnight high for clues and if we pop above it then wait to see the reaction if / when we come back down to test it.....we want to treat it as it's own separate range and see how how often we come back inside it or how well we can hold above it....
if our sell is going to work then the targets are 87.75, 85.50 and 83.75...don't be a pig ( reminder to self) and take off heavy at first target if it comes
just a quick follow up babble fest
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first 30 minute vpoc is at 2388 even so that is one of our high probability retest numbers
the current 30 minute low matches the first 30 minute low so I'm hoping sellers come in just above YD rth highs the 30 minute vpoc would be ideal. Everyone ( who follows dalton/ mp work) will now watch how we probe outside of YD highs and how often we return back into the highs from above for clues to further direction

edit: here is a picture showing the current matching low -
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I'm not saying we can't keep rallying and our runners will get taken but look how that double low stopped right at Yd's VA high..too specific, too exact....once again some clues that it is us small players in the markets. The test of the R1 and overnight failure breakout is another couple of clues...the constant test of YD's highs from above and below is further evidence of who is in the battle today
finally - that was perfect test of YD close and second target....
this will be a good chart to reference for my above posts and comments - just standard one minute bar chart..
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last target for me is trying for time framing down......a push out and back to 88.50 takes this one out and the day is done for me..I figure if we come back out again of YD's highs then the one time framing down will also be over and we may just far we have 3 - 30 minute bars making lower highs and lower lows
one for the road with a trade idea....basic premise is that we are still under a bigger term bracket of 2390 - 2391...getting above that changes this plan on the video below
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Awesome. O/N session just went to VAH which was Resistance which u mention in ur video. Thanks.