ES 5-8-17

key areas and the reason I am more bearish then bullish up here..I want to get short on any push above 2395 now (9:18 EST)as we have good probabilities the pivot at 2393.50 will print in RTH today..
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probability traders will be asking themselves if R1 or the Pivot will be first to print money is on the pivot!
a quick video on a weekly nuance and what may be happening now
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that was such a good insight.
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I am bearish but don't usually day trade much outside the first 90 minutes of the day. Here is a screen shot of the calls I sold this morning. My plan is to see if I can get price to test back down into the 2385 - 2387 area but that doesn't mean it will happen today If these go wrong, I will take the loss if I have to buy them back about 40 % above what I sold them for or else I will try to make about %50 on them if I'm a winner.... .[quote]Originally posted by Padmaja

bruce ur still bearish even though the developing POC is 95 even though there is enought time and did not take out the fridays POC? thanks and thanks for replying back it was very useful

u had 2 bias. Long term (short calls) and the day trade. BTW great call. U make money both ways. ur call expire if the price point is never reached. GRT