ES 5-9-17

shorter video today....don't see great opportunities today but the video l sums it up
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

EDIT : I usually expect more than one tpo print at weekly highs and lows on breakouts or if we go up above last weeks high in one 30 minute period and close above it then I would expect at some time to see a second tpo at last weeks high print

edit 9:36 remember the words of doctor brett.."failure to hold above or below an overnight high or low targets the overnight midrange" we could also add to this that failure to take out an overnight high or low targets the midrange....bottom line is to be looking real close at the 98 area now !
no ...I'm actually on last short of the day and I am not liking fact I do not like any of the trading today...I got stopped out on that trade....following is a video I just finished making
follow mistakes and confusion on my part today...that 2400 high is really goofing with my head today and the low volume makes for poor trading
No video below? Try this link: mistakes_and_babble.swf

a probability to toss in is that the first 60 minute high or low is broken over 92 % of the time...some say it is closer to 98 % and I haven't run stats for years on that...just know that it is a high percent
exiting heavy at 95.50 ...that is one tic above the close of YD and VA high........I only have one runner left for YD's poc.....that 2400 caused many problems for me and another one is that I didn't trade very heavy on this short trade so don't have much to scale out with
revising final target to 94.50 if they will give it... c ya tomorrow
getting some feedback that the audio is rather weak on the videos. On playback I have it loud and clear but would like to know if most can hear the voice well or if it is a problem on my end that needs to be resolved...thanks in advance to those that can give me some feedback here
volume has been running higher on the day now since about 10:15 runner was almost stopped and still looking for 94.50......always frustrating to have risk / rewards way out of whack.......How far do you let price move against you to gain one additional point ? Especially with all the noise on the ES !!
current matching lows on this tpo bar.....should get run out....they just can't seem to hold outside of YD and last weeks highs so far
there is your 94.50.
yes and for those holding they got the gap fill at 92.25 which is VA low....gonna make a video and play with Microphone....r u able to hear videos ok Pagmaja?
i dont know much orderflow